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Sorry, you guys checking to see what’s going on, kind of left you hanging! This pic won the poll for the author pic going onto the back cover of my first book. The picture clicks to the poll post.  photo 4bigsmile.gif Thank you to the participants that made this really fun on facebook and twitter!


And then I went on vacation and you all never heard from me again…  photo 6wha.gif

 photo palmsun.gif

I’m back, wrapping things up, my final hard set date for EVERYTHING is June 26th. It’s personal and carries deep meaning for me and my family. If I wind up going beyond this date, I truly suck.  photo crazy.gif

If you want to keep up with me in real time, please to click the left side drop down menu above my name on the cool graphic at the top of my page. Nearly everything I do is linked in that little purple cave. Thank you for stopping by to check on me while I work!  photo music.gif It’s not out yet, but you can like my first book page at Existential Aspie on facebook.