Weirdly weird weirdness

So I’ve been locked out of my own premium blog and access denied by password change even passing 2-step verification, authenticator, Google account sign in. I was able to update the annual billing, which had somehow been turned off, and a phone app is sneaking me into post updating, we’ll see if it works. I’m otherwise unable to open this site as a user.

I can’t prove definitive conclusion, but janikabanks on both twitter and facebook have been strongly shadowbanned since August 5, 2020. I did 2 things that day. I put a particular screenshot of George magazine in that Twitter header, and I shared a facebook video from a film director naming names. While the name Janika Banks became synonymous with shadowban on my end, my web presence shot up 2 points out of 10 and my profile and blog link clicks are coming in from all over the world.

I don’t care how dumb you think the kew movement is, a dinky little person like me being shadowbanned this hard over THAT across medias and blogs speaks volumes about media control and losing free speech in America. All I’m doing is publicly standing up against the Hollywood underground.

Let that sink in.


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