manifesting beyond lockstep

I’ve been watching the fringes of the gold standard updates regarding humanitarian projects for a number of months. I think these humanitarian projects are/will be social contract obligations set up for world, regional, and local humanitarian assistance projects and programs by our wealthier citizens who want to get involved with personally helping to restructure and rebuild our very broken world once the {il}legal blockades are finally out of the way per NESARA/GESARA. Here are some sample articles over time if you’d like to see what I’m talking about.

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of May 30, 2020

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sat. 19 Dec. 2020

“New Name: GFS Gold-backed Financial System” by Ron Giles – 12.22.20

Most of us don’t have this level of manna to pour into world support, although some of us very much wish we had some way to help or contribute to world healing. Ron says in his article-

“I am a knowledgeable Sovereign responding to my Stewardship responsibility. I am focused on service to humanity, to search out and find the repressed and forgotten in society as well as the average person trying to make ends meet to live a meaningful life for themselves and their loved ones.”

Ron also says “each one will participate at a level they personally feel comfortable with”.

That means each of us, if we wish, will be able to offer our talents and services to the whole and good of humanity on levels in which we are able to participate and do so, without it cutting into our being able to survive without ‘losing everything’.

I’m going to use me as an example. I’ve been on disability for a few years and have been living check to check, so how can I possibly help? Well, the first thing is to stop thinking in terms of money. I ask myself, What am I good at? Obviously, I write a lot. I’m getting fairly good at putting ideas into print and finding ways to get them seen. What are my favorite ideas that I think would be helpful? Well, this might actually get fun.

Before I share the ideas, I’ll briefly mention that I feel uniquely interested in the way gaming brings a variety of people together, allowing space for learning skills and cooperation among sometimes very neurologically diverse players, which is a bit challenging sometimes for gaming staff. Add to that my history of cognitive challenges and regaining functions over time through gaming, and I could see a very valuable support system for ‘braining’. Games being both socially interactive and having great tools for rebuilding from brain accidents in a way that can be both self motivating and monitored for assessment seems especially valuable to certain populations. I wrote about that in an article for Autisable titled Neurodiversity in Fandoms and Gaming.

Now comes the fun part. I seem to be gifted with the weird kind of brain that can adapt anything I’ve seen into something else. I have shared a number of minecraft dreams where the basic concepts of economy, property development, and social interactions were adapted into real time 3D interactive holographic areas across both run down areas in big cities and public parks systems, setting aside large areas that allowed people to get real exercise role playing activities.

The city games were a bit like paintball, excepting with the interactive computer programs built into the game areas, players could team up for rewards depending on how well they interacted and cooperated. This seemed ideal for younger homeless people who weren’t ready to fit into a nuclear family society. As they played, they learned applicable skills, just like people do on their laptops when they game.

The games in the public parks reminded me of creative plots given to players who join big game servers, marked out territories in which players could decide what kind of level of creativity and development they wanted to try out. In the dreams, these are very cute areas where younger children are allowed about a quarter acre of code protected space to learn how environmental and construction systems work. ‘Owners’ of plots would get passwords, and expiry time without ongoing interaction would revert the plot back to a blank canvas of space. All this being on public parks meant plenty of sunshine and fresh air for kids to run around in while still having structured play to focus on.

I feel like I’ve been dreaming of the future, and maybe I have. I would love to see this level of tech developed and used for the benefit of anyone who would like to get together and play without isolating in separate rooms on separate devices. I think this would be very good for people as it would encourage face to face interactions and negotiations while playing computer games. I believe neurodiversity is very healthy for humanity in general, and the more real 3D time together, the better.

Here are some examples of my dreams if you care to read them. I’m just going to paste them over here so you don’t have to go click around sifting out of blog posts.

2/20/20– I had the coolest dream last night. It was like further on into the future and everything we know now was over. Interactive holographic gaming was built right into the buildings, and groups would get together to live in their favorite gaming atmospheres. I was running around in and out of groups having a great time and felt absolutely happy. It was invigorating to actually be moving around inside the games, and no one needed to sit and use screens.

3/11/20- I had a long, complicated real life minecraft dream as I was waking up this morning, and near the end I found myself abruptly falling off the edge of a very high floor in a not yet completed high-rise metro going up across wheat fields, and for real, I literally heard the announcment “YabloVH fell from a high place” and totally expected to smash the wheat to bits with my body exploding when I hit the ground, except the wheat, which looked 3D but still like minecraft wheat, was very bendy and springy and kept me from hitting the ground at all, and I turned out ok. Very surprised, but ok.

6-26-20- I had the coolest dream last night.
People in real life could buy minecraft packages that were like pokemon go, like the mobs would show up in small dog size around the house and you could collect them and set up areas around your home with virtual decor that you could construct yourself with this app. It was all the new rage, and everyone was getting it for their kids. (Think Mo Creatures mod.)
In the dream I was a techmod just like I am on server, only instead of policing chat and helping with player issues, I could teleport to app packages that people set up in their homes and help fix the glitches. I helped them figure out how to set up ‘claim’ areas like in kids’ bedrooms to keep the app a little more contained, and I could help them expand claims to other parts of their houses and stuff.
Imagine everything about minecraft build into an app that you could play with virtually in real life. Imagine anchoring  your purchases to 2D and 3D ‘claims’ that kept out hackers, like when they visit your house they wouldn’t be able to make your virtual pets go off claim and stuff.
In the dream I went to at least 4 different virtual claim areas fixing problems, and it was so perfectly meshed between real life and virtual that it was a pleasure doing the work.
I’d love to go into a description, but I’m afraid it would turn into a book because it was so detailed. Just imagine your house literally having virtual pets running around.

8/16/20- Ok, the minecraft dream. Remember that one dream I had where in the future minecraft had begun integrating 3D gaming into real life? Like, you could purchase subscription packages that included mapping out a claims area on your real property where you could activate minecraft holograms that were incredibly realistic, like the game had come to life around you. Well in this dream, there were public acreages set up like real minecraft fully integrated into real life public parks, and you could stake out a personal claim area where you could build and keep pets (like mo creatures), and whatever you did would stay on your own claim, which would be game registered with your county to be your real life ‘property’, kind of like they do on the bigger minecraft servers where plots are laid out and gamers can claim one and do whatever in creative. These real life public plots were set up to behave like multiplayer minecraft servers, with mob spawns showing up, gamerules commands, and auto inventories whenever you physically entered the 3D claim.

So I was running around this public park collecting special edition minecraft drops with a cool toy axe I was really holding in my hand (like catching pokemon on your phone, which you could turn in for more minecraft goodies later), and I saw a super special edition vanilla horse with a saddle on it that was the sort of interactive hologram where you could actually ride it. It looked bigger sized than the rest of the hologram minecraft, like a little kid would be able to climb onto it like a tricycle and make it go as long as it was on claim. It looked like a wooden toy minecraft horse but it was a special edition color, kind of like a mooshroom color but more like red velvet and cream, very rustic and antiquey heirloom kind of look to it, highly collectible. I was too big to ride on it, being an adult, and there weren’t any kids in sight, so I just had to leave it there walking around.

Other special drops could be gained by tapping mob holograms with my special axe, and they’d scoop up the same way experience orbs would, like they were attracted to the axe passing over them. Everywhere I ran around in that big park I could see other player builds and pets and whatever hologram carnage they might have left behind. It was so cute I could hardly stand it. The park itself remained pristine and beautiful while players ran around in the sunshine and fresh air.

Can you imagine how cool that would be??? If this is our future tech coming with all the ‘release the patents’, I’m 100% on board.

9/23/20- I dreamed the minecraft server I techmod on was as big as a small state and very physically real. As a techmod I could do the usual staff stuff, like you only had to think “vanish” to go invisible, or “spectator” to be able to go into gamemode 3 which is a spectator mode where you can go through anything like it’s not solid. Every command was done through thought, which I found really tricky because I couldn’t seem to trust that it had really worked and kept popping back out as visible to the naughty players I was told to watch.

The rest of the staff was there, too, in and out, and we were having a huge problem with a gang of players all from the same family. They loved finding game servers to start wrecking up, and they were certainly wrecking an island resort with all kinds of looting and fire damage. (I guess the griefdefender plugin didn’t work in 3D? lol) The damage was real enough to cause real harm and/or death, even as staff, so we had to be very careful and extra vigilant and sneaky working out how to apprehend these players without further harm or damage and properly process them out back out of the server without actually killing them.

10/17/20- Before that dream was a minecraft dream where I’d been missing from the server for some days (that is actually real) and I had missed minecraft developing thermonuclear reactions. !!!! 😲 Like, where do these dreams even come from, right. But one of the players had built a big redstone thermonuclear processing facility (IN MINECRAFT) and was tinkering around blowing up locked cases full of pets. I was doing my best to get into a staff mode as quickly as possible to witness the explosions without anyone seeing me, but I kept flubbing up the keyboard and missing them.

10/29/20- Earlier this week I dreamed that 3D minecraft was more physical than ever. It wasn’t just holograms in 3D space with geolocated claims any more, it was 3D real. I even ran into a redstone operation where players had figured out they could distill ores out of broken down crystalline structures from their little mining operations. The mo creatures mobs were a little different in real life and scary as heck. In the dream I was still a techmod clearing out abandoned claims, lmao. Quite a big job in that dream. It’s funny I even dreamed it, I’ve barely logged on this month.


This isn’t a gaming dream but the tech is super awesome and I hope this gets invented.

11/6/20- I dreamed last night that there were mobile transfer screens that could be used to help wash older people’s hair, and as bland as that sounds, the tech was so freakishly awesome that I have to explain it.

You know how projector screens can roll up and you pull a string to open one up against a wall, right. Well, in my dream there was what looked like a techy canister with an attachable 3D soft plastic grid platform that could be attached. You would hold the canister in one hand, stretch a retractable handle of a sort across, say, a kitchen sink, take a ‘snapshot’ that would geolocate that precise location in the exact 2D dimensions of that pulled out area from the canister to the edge of the pulled out handle, then push the handle back in. Go to the old person, gently lift their head from wherever they were laying down, slide the soft plastic grid underneath their head, and attach the canister to the side of that grid. Upon locking that grid into the canister, you could choose a stored location snapshot that would hold its transfer point open, like from the bed to the sink there would be an instant locked 2D connection just beneath the plastic grid. Start washing the old person’s hair, all the water (and suds) draining into the plastic grid would automatically show up as dripping into the sink, bed doesn’t get wet at all.

THAT is the cool kind of tech I hope we have coming in future. So many applications to imagine.


I wrote a little bit about where I think my dreams come from at disruption.

If you like reading dreams, I wrote a thread of them at SyfyDesigns.


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