Meet My Friends

Disclaimer- I receive no compensation for linking and sharing on this page. The pix click to their sites.

 Friends with cool websites

myke’s place
 photo syfydesignslogo.jpg

Nerd Movie
 photo nerdmovie.jpg

Friends who have written books

John Deakins
 photo deak.jpg

Friends who do radio and podcasts

Snarkalec Radio
 photo snarkalecradiologo.jpg

Dylan Knows
 photo dylanknowslogo.jpg

Nurture and Support
 photo nurtureandsupport.jpg

Friends who make/sell cool stuff

Fae & Friends
 photo faeampfriends2.jpg

Front and Center Promotions
 photo frontandcenterlogo.jpg

Friends who have blogs I like to read

 photo autisable.jpg

Anonymous Aspie
 photo aspieland.jpg

Eric’s blog
 photo keepingconscious5.jpg

Dawn’s blog
 photo dawnsnip3.jpg

Vicki’s blog
 photo vicki.jpg

Friends of Lexxperience

Kirill Yarovoy
 photo revivalcomingsoon.jpg

Little Lexx forum
 photo lexxboredbutton.jpg

Lexxzone on Tumblr
 photo lexxzonelogo.jpg

The Pic Bug
 photo picbug_top.jpg

Angel Bacchae’s Screen Grabs
 photo isokuva.jpg

Friends who are way too cool to point and me and say “She’s my friend” but who follow me on various social media and I pretend we’re friends

The Bloggess
 photo thebloggess.jpg

Ellen Dubin
 photo ellendubin.jpg

Gary Graham
 photo garyg.jpg

Kevin Smith
 photo kevinsmith.jpg

Matthew Willson
 photo mattwillson.jpg

Margaret Wheldon
 photo diddy.jpg

Andrew Lee Potts
 photo andrewlee.jpg

Lynne Carter-Yates
 photo lynne.jpg

Dennys Ilic
 photo denny.jpg



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