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#TeamJanika is a thing, thanx to friends on twitter. I like having fun, so I belly flopped right in and now anyone can proclaim their devotion to #TeamJanika.

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Anyone following my Pinky updates knows I’m working on final edit, but what you don’t know yet is that it’s actually a 2-book contract. Aspienado will soon be a real thing as an addition to Existential Aspie.

If you could go back in time and do one thing, what would it be?

I would go back and give my mom a big hug and tell her everything is going to be ok.

I’m writing for all the parents out there with aspie/autie kids. I’m writing for people still having difficulties bridging over to communication and social interaction. I’m writing because I’m able to now, after many years of hard work and professional assistance.

I’m writing because in all our broken ways, my mom and I loved each other like two ships crashing in broad daylight.

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“Have you submitted your manuscript yet?”

I sent my beta readers a few samples and decided from the way they commented and advised me to go ahead and put a little more detail in (I’m getting too good at summarizing my thoughts since the days of 10,000 word emails) that I would also put more focus into a style I was playing around with. The comments were great, from very different readers, so my content is good, but if readers are asking for more as opposed to less, I’m thrilled. So no, manuscript submission hasn’t happened yet. It will.

When I finish it will be organized like 5 different books layed out together like a layer cake into one book, so if someone is more interested in, say sex and death from my angle vs cognitive challenges at various ages, they can skip sections and continue to see progress I made in particular areas. This way a non-aspie reader can follow some coherence. Aspies can be notoriously wordy, and I tend to want to go off-point and then gather too much into one conclusion.

I figure I’m developing an atypical writing style that mirrors how I actually skip around reading (I read books backwards sometimes, starting at the back to help me grasp the front) and my beta readers love this idea. My goal is to create something that helps readers experience my world, not just by telling stories, but by leading them through the woods of my thinking while I tell the stories without us all getting lost.

My biggest challenge is presenting the stories from several points of view. I’ve already made a beta reader cry, so I’m having to be careful about how I share my views as an aspie child so that it’s easier to see both my mom’s and dad’s points of view, too, in a world void of compassion for parents raising difficult children while still learning the value of emotional health for us all as the stories go along.

You hear people ask “If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would you do?” After some thought, I decided that if I could go back in time as the age I am now, I would be friends with my mom and tell her everything is going to be ok. The most important thing I could give her is a hug every time someone told her she was doing it wrong.

This book will be for all the parents of children who are not yet ready or able to hug, and for the children who will one day wish they could go back in time and let their parents know- Everything is going to be ok.

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A time distortion field diverted me through an alien attack and a big ass movie review, so it turns out my manuscript will skid past my arbitarily self-inflicted pre-vacation deadline. However, I’ll be taking my work with me just in case, since I got so much done during vacation last year. I mean, who knows, right? Actually, it means that my friends were kind enough to walk away instead of voting no in the last poll because they knew stuff like this was coming (or not, but they know ME). Wow, the way this theme creates links makes it feel like a Strong Bad cartoon hiding Easter eggs. There’s a new sbemail up in case you gave up checking, click this capture to go watch it. By the way, y’all know after it’s over you can mouse over and look for Easter eggs, right?


If you liked that and you’re jumping up and down because you’ve never seen Strong Bad before, you can start all over with ‘some kinda robot‘ and work your way up the list.


Help me choose an author pic

One of the things on my materials list for submission is an author picture for the back cover. Scott doesn’t like the one I chose, and I’m not crazy about the two he chose. I could just about throw a dart at this point, and I thought Hey, why not let my friends choose for me? So I collected a few fun pictures and created a poll, and at the end of the month I’ll let you know which one wins.